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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Peace Elevated

Quartzite, Arizona

This was unique in how it was three dimensional.  It's a bit hard to see but each section is paved with a different type and color of rock.  Where they found it I don't know.  They must have hauled it in from some washes elsewhere.

Monday, November 11, 2019

The Serpent

Quartzite, Arizona

This is near our new homesite.

I first thought it was just a rock wall but then realized it was a snake.

That is a lot of rock moved and used to create this. 
 One of the more art impressive pieces I have found.

Friday, November 8, 2019


Quartzite, Arizona

While we were out of service we moved a mile further down the road.
Generators and barking dogs were the issue  It was okay as I needed a change of scenery.  
This is a nice spot and someone had done some attractive landscaping.

Beans is very happy here.

Here's the 'HELP" part.  
This rock art is here and I set about restoring it but for the life of me I cannot figure out what it was supposed to be.  It looks better now as I cleared out the weeds that had grown in over the last couple of years (I found receipts in the fire ring that dated it to 2017).  I also put back some of the rock that had gotten scattered about.  I first thought it was a bird, then a Viking sail boat, then a flying dragon but I just don't know.  You have any idea?

I thought the black rock was a stick man but what would be the "hands" are not connected to the "body".  The lower part or "legs" are connected.  

The portion to the right is something altogether different.  The tips of the three extensions have black rock and the base where it connects to the "body" is of green rock, the only green rock on the figure.  The artist was trying to distinguish something here by using green rock.

Once I got into restoring it I can better understand how people get wrapped up in making rock art out here in the desert.  It's peaceful, meditative and fun.

Monday, November 4, 2019

Out of Order

I ran out of data and the Internet is running at slower than dial-up speed if you can imagine that.  So I cannot do any posting until later this week when AT&T gives me my new allotment.  Can't figure out how I burned through all that data as I did.  Something to contemplate.  Be back in several days. 

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Easy to Move

Quartzite, Arizona

Our spot before was back to the left at the edge of the photo.  When the music started I walked ahead and this spot seemed far enough away.  I walked back, put the table, and chair inside, removed the step support tossing it inside too and made sure the motorcycle straps were okay in the back.  I have a shade cloth on the other side.  It was no problem to pull the two stakes out of the ground and leave the cloth hanging from the RV.  I drove slowly forward the few hundred yards and parked.  Then I walked back to get Gracie and rode her to the RV.  Table, chairs, step support and welcome mat in place I drove the two stakes into the ground on the other side and stretched the shade cloth out.
All done in 15 to 20 minutes having a simple camp set-up.
If you don't like your neighbors you just turn the key and move.  Easy peasy. 

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Not-So-New Neighbors

Quartzite, Arizona

These folks moved in several days after we arrived.  They are from Idaho.  Everything they have looks brand new.  I see them pulling things out from boxes and unwrapping them.  Sometimes they are gone for the day and return later with more new items.  I suspect the trailer is new also.  I watch them stumble along trying to do everything.  Hooking up the new sewer hose to the new portable holding tank is really a spectacle to watch.  I guess the first time there was a back splash of sewage that drenched the guy's clothing and he some got onto his face and eyes.  I missed that but I certainly heard it.  See, that is where the problem lies with these people.  The woman is crazy.  She yells, screams and curses at her poor brow-beaten husband all the time.  He's meek as a mouse and takes all the abuse without a word.  She'll yell "you stupid moron, you idiot" and so on with every other word a foul curse word which I'll leave to your imagination.  Sometimes she lets loose on their little dog as if it has any idea what she's ranting about.  I'll add that she's probably the ugliest woman I have seen in a very long time too.

So when Mr. Minnesota (previous post) caused me to move, I was ready anyway for I had grown tired of listening to this crazy woman.  Thank you Mr. Musicman.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

New Neighbors

Quartzite, Arizona

One day this big rig moved in across the way from us, not as close as this first photo appears. I watched as he set up camp which took all of the next day and then some.  They were from Minnesota.  I couldn't believe all the crap I saw him unload out from the back end of his six-wheeled trailer: one full sized Harley Davidson motorcycle, a smaller dirt bike, a small ATV and then a BIG ATV, plus two bicycles. There is the SUV car also which his wife drove separately.  In addition to those two shade structures are chairs, two tables, a big master chef barbecue and untold number of storage boxes no doubt filled with more crap.

Everything was fine and entertaining to watch until he started up his music.  I don't want to hear that!
Enjoy the sounds of Nature people!
I decided to move.  It was okay as you will see in the next post.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

A Whole Lot of Nothing Going On

Quartzite, Arizona

Here we are two and a half weeks later and they still do not have the stickers for the 2020 season to sell in order to live here up to April.  Everyone (there's not that many yet) is staying for free and able to use the trash, water and dumping facilities.  Beans and I are still at the same spot.  
No one has moved in near us and it is pretty peaceful and quiet overall.

Beans was finally able to get her first lizard of the season a couple days ago.
It eventually got away.

Lizard hunting is tough work.

Friday, October 25, 2019

Stinky Pete's Today

Quartzite, Arizona

So just to remind you, this was Stinky Pete's Emporium and Gift Shop early this year.
After 20 years of service to the community the town of Quartzite condemned the place.  
I can't imagine why.
When we left Quartzite in March the place had been pretty much scraped away clean.
So I was excited to return this year and see what new was on this prime piece of real estate.

Was I disappointed?
You bet!
I was hoping for a Dollar Tree, Petco or maybe even a Walmart.

They could at least allow us to use the space to park in for the cramped grocery store next door.
But noooo...that would make some sort of sense, so let's block it off.

I'll do some investigating over the winter 
and see if I can come up some good rumors as to what will be done Stinky Pete's lot.

Just being silly on what I was hoping for. 
The reality is that there isn't much that could survive in this town for the entire year.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019


Quartzite, Arizona

I returned to the dried riverbed where I discovered the petroglyphs I featured on the blog last year.

Look closer as this is a full-bodied image, not just a stick figure.

This time I climbed up the rocks to get a better photo of each.

All are facing south, exposed to the harsh Arizona sun.  If these were pictographs, painted on the rock rather than etched in, they would have long since faded away.

This pretty much looks like a snake.  I can see a head at the top.  
I just don't understand the right angles at the tail end. 

A view of the river bed from that first grouping.  I wonder how this looked 800, 1000, 1200 or however many years ago when the Native Americans created these etchings.  It could have been flowing water with lush growth along the banks.

This grouping there was no way I could access it.  The rock face is vertical.  How did they do it?

Perhaps they built a type of scaffolding to stand on.  Why go through all that bother?

Well I think they somehow had a vision as to how the world would be in the distant future.

A world filled with idiots who would deface their work with graffiti. 
So they placed their art in high inaccessible places.

This one here was off by itself.  The only way I could see it being done was by lying on your stomach on the ledge above and hanging over the side, upside down, having someone you really trusted hold your feet and legs.

This grouping I wasn't about to try to climb up there to get close-up pictures.  Sorry.
I zoomed in some for this shot

Around the side of the rock outcropping I discovered a few more I hadn't seen last year.
That is a pretty good crescent moon.
Is that a rabbit below it?
You know there is a rabbit in the full moon.  Look next time.  It's there.
So perhaps the rabbit jumps out of the moon every month.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Quartzite or Bust

Quartzite, Arizona

One way or another people make it out here.
Tow truck, pickup truck and fifth wheel trailer.

Taken with my iPhone from a long distance away is why it looks like this.

Monday, October 21, 2019

Honda Cat

Quartzite, Arizona

One afternoon I rolled the bike around in the shade to do some maintenance. 

Never one to miss an opportunity.

She stayed up there for a long time.

Yeah, I know I'm cute.  Give it a rest Dad.

If I have this compartment pulled out in no time at all...

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Not Going There

Quartzite, Arizona

Saw this bright red post off in the distance during one of my daily hikes.


Moving right along I found this large piece of rose quartz.  There is a lot of quartz out here (hence the name of the town) but I have never found rose quartz before.  I'm keeping this one.
It is about the size of the palm of my hand.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

We Have a Winner

Quartzite, Arizona

Of all the rock art I have seen out here over the years none of them have been this elaborate.
This is the entire U.S. and the Canadian Provinces.

I cannot begin to imagine the time and effort that went into this creation.

The scale and placement of the states are very well done.
The white rocks make up the Great Lakes and Canada.

Here I am standing in the Pacific Ocean looking east.

Well done.

Friday, October 18, 2019

Happy Hour

Quartzite, Arizona

I wonder what it is these folks like to do?


Found during that evening walk with Beans.
See her?

I didn't come across any more rock art on my walk that day so here's a picture of my sweet Beans.

Thursday, October 17, 2019


Quartzite, Arizona

Long time followers will be familiar with these rock art figures as I've shown them in the past.

Yep, you have a lot of time to kill out here.

This will be very heart-wrenching for these folks to see when they return.  
The plastic flowers are still there from early this year.
They will be pleased to see that Gracie's grave is just like they left it.

They did a very good job in this burial for I've seen too many times where someone had buried their pet only to have it dug up by coyotes later.  I just came across one back at the Vulture Mine Road camp.  It was a large black dog wrapped in a quilt and obviously buried too shallow.  I spared you the sight by not taking a picture and putting it on the blog.  The body needs to be buried deep with a lot of rocks on top.  I had read that when the immigrants were coming out west in the pioneer days they came across burials from previous wagon trains that had been dug up.  They then began burying those who died on the journey on the trail itself so that when the wagons passed over the grave it compacted the earth even more, protecting the dead from becoming scavenger food.