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Monday, November 12, 2007

Weekend at the time trials, Nov. 10 & 11

God, I love the smell of nitro-methane in the morning. It was great and I’ll just write this much about it: There’s a couple who run motorcycles…fast motorcycles. I’m talking 200 plus material. She is 69 years old and a great-grandmother and set a new record at 218 mph Saturday. He is 80! There’s another guy running a 200mph plus car who is 80. Seeing a car go 200mph is one thing but to see a motorcycle go that fast is amazing. You can’t help from dropping your jaw as they rocket past. Oh yeah, the great-grandmother crashed last month but was out again the next day. I can imagine the get-togethers at the local senior center. The ladies sit around and discuss how one finished her quilt, another started a new crochet project and Louise finally won at Bingo last Friday. “How was your weekend Connie?”
“Oh, not that great. I crashed my motorcycle going through the traps at 184 mph and was unable to run a second round the next day.”

Friday, Nov. 9

You wake in the morning, look out the window and are greeted with new sights, new sounds, and new smells. This is great! Be it a lush fancy campground or a noisy smelly truck stop, this is the beauty of road travel - always something different. The road today takes me through beautiful Bakersfield reputed by a former neighbor to have excellent restaurants (ah…right), over Tehachapi pass, the birthplace of Point Reyes peninsula and down into magnificent Mojave where I have never known the wind to NOT blow. The tailwind is nice till I make the turn south at Kramer Junction Hwy 395. It is a continual broadside of 30mph winds but the Little BOX handles it nicely. Driving the old BOX would have been extremely nerve-wracking. Imagine steering your garage down a windswept road. In fact every aspect of driving this new vehicle is so nice that at the end of the day I am no longer wiped out as before. Soon we’re on El Mirage Dry Lake, the racers are here and I look forward to a weekend of speed.


  1. hahahah..... too funny about the old gal on her motorcycle....I'm selling mine this year and I'm only 65! But... I discovered I have full blown osteoporosis....so I don't think it would be a good thing to crash mine..... she must have had great gear and be in pretty good shape. sigh...wish I had better genes some days.... and was slightly tougher material.... like say...carbon fibre or something.... we'd hold together as long as our bikes then!

    Now I'm way back in the blog... I decided to start at the beginning and hang out with you and Sinbad for a bit.... and get a handle on how it all began.

    Don't worry... or at least tell you wife not to worry...I'm not staling you...just interested in the trips and travel.... and I enjoy your style of narrating it...... plus....you have some great photos....

  2. that should read "stalking", not staling..... my eyes are going...hahhaha.....


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