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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What I really relish is the total freedom, and the chance to be just myself all the time. An opportunity to do exactly what you want for a short period of your life, that doesn’t happen very often.

We avoided the madness and mayhem of San Bernardino and Riverside by continuing east through Apple Valley and Hesperia, which by the way bears no resemblance to how I remember this area 40 years ago. I had my sights set on Lucerne Dry Lake for the night but was lured off road early by BLM signs stating camping nearby. Five miles later this turned out to be another Off-road Vehicle Recreational Area, but mercifully the weekend warriors had already left for home and their Monday jobs. The next day we entered Joshua Tree National Park. When you wake up in the morning camped among towering sandstone boulders, Joshua trees silhouetted by the rising sun, coyotes crowing in the distance, the wing beats of quail flying by and sipping your morning coffee with a little cottontail rabbit at your feet…this is why I am doing this.


  1. Trooper Jack,
    (trying again to comment... first one didn't go thru)
    I've been reading your blog every day. Great early morning shot of Sinbad and the View. I'll remember the story of the 200 mph grany for a long time. Thanks for taking us along on your latest adventure.
    Dirty Don

  2. View Man,

    Looks like you are off to a good start, once you got out of civilization. You'll have to show me how to set up a blog with photos so I can do this also! Wish I had a View so we could fly formation through the playas. Enjoying keeping up with your journey and looking forward to your next posting.

    It's Indian summer again here, you could have waited awhile to leave, as far as the weather goes. But I guess it was cloudy in your head and you were ready to roll. I understand - believe me, I understand.

    Capt Cabernet

  3. Wow Jack...I hope I am one of those great grandmas at 80..I believe mine will be in a cup car in Charlotte. So enjoying your escapades. You have now left the planet earth..how nice. Take care...my best to Sinbad...wanderlust Nancy

  4. Sounds like you are having a great time already.

    Did you get a chance to see Into the Wild? It is a must see on the big screen. You can afford an afternoon show.

  5. Jack, glad to see your dream unfolding here. What a great adventure! Sinbad is so cool!Wonder if my Sidney would like a trip like that.... Keep blogging!


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