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Friday, May 16, 2008

Retreated Home

Here it is one week later and I find ourselves just two hours from home instead of two thousand miles from home. I took note of diesel fuel prices in Rio Vista on Thursday before our next camp. It was $4.59. The next morning Friday, as we left Brannon Island State Park (don't go there), they had raised the price by 30 cents per gallon overnight! just because the weekend is here. It's a conspiracy I tell you!
I had the transmission fluid checked when the repair was being done as I knew the transmission was working hard climbing those long grades in the Trinity mountains, what with being underpowered with no turbocharger. The fluid was brown instead of red, as I suspected. It had got hot. This will have to be taken care of and is something the owner cannot do himself. It's been engineered this way by Mercedes. Hell, I cannot even check the level as there is no dipstick. "A trained Sprinter service technician must perform this service." $300! Yikes! More conspiracy.
So we came on home and will rebuild our travel purse for a later date and more adventures.
But as to not leave you without something interesting to ponder, consider the cunning and resourcfulness of the Common Crow. I packaged up a half-eaten chicken carcass in it's
plastic container, then placed the entire package in a plastic grocery bag, tying it off at the top. I tossed it in the dumpster at camp in the afternoon and before night I noticed the crows were having dinner. They had opened everything and eventually carted off bones and all.


  1. Are you still home or back out there?

  2. When is your next road trip? I see no new postings from you for awhile.

  3. Where are you going next? Do you take your motorcycle with you?

  4. No postings yet?


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