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Monday, March 1, 2010

Fighting the Computer

Computers were invented to make you feel stupid. I'm pretty sure of it. They test your level of patience by constantly frustrating you. At least this is my case. There are some out there who seem to have mastered the device. Yes, they are a great resource for information, to buy stuff, to sell crap or simply to communicate with friends and family. But to try and do anything fancy is where you are asking for trouble. One of the very few things I do on the computer is view other people's Blogs. I find what people write about interesting which is in most cases what is interesting most to the person writing. Someday I may write about other Blogs but for now it is about the computer.

I see things people do to their Blogs and wonder how they did that and could I do it? So far, I cannot. Early on I noticed some Blogs fill the entire page without empty columns on each side. I asked a couple bloggers how this was done and they either didn't understand what I was after or sent me some information which made little sense to me even after trying it. I spent days on that. Then I noticed how one fellow had a map depicting the route he took each day on his bicycle ride. I went to that site (mapmyride.com) kind of figured out how to do it, but how did he get the image into his Blog? I spent a couple days on that one. Fail. I noticed how some had written captions or put graphics onto photographs. "Gee, I wish I could do that." More days invested and finally success...to a degree.

So here is my primitive attempt to place on my Blog the ride I took yesterday on my motorcycle.

97 miles on a sunny Sunday afternoon. I should have devoted this space to the pleasures of that ride rather than computer aggravation. Tomorrow it will rain all day which will provide me with many more hours of exasperation with the computer.

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