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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hello, My name is Rosie, how may I help you?

My credit card expires this month and the replacement arrived a couple days ago. I called the 1-800 number to activate it and at the end of the process I was talking to a live person. Her name was Rosie and after verifying I was who I claimed to be she began to pitch a promotional program of some sort. It was then I detected an Indian accent. Whenever I talk to agents on the telephone I always like to find out where they are located - usually on the east coast, and then ask about their weather. They always seem to slip out of their professional mode, relax and seem to enjoy a bit of chit-chat breaking up the mundane of their job. With telemarketers it is a different story. Time is money and I am wasting their time asking about the weather. Loads of fun. When I asked Rosie her location I expected something like Delaware but she replied "New Delhi, India".  My mind reeled. Wow, here I was talking to some woman in the faraway land of India. Why Citi Cards would farm out credit card verification half way around the world is beyond me. The telephone bill must be enormous. It was 10:30 pm in New Delhi Rosie said and she works all night long. All night talking to people like me holding their new credit card in hand.

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