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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Like Training at Altitude

As I jogged along on my somewhat level trail run today I envisioned it as like training at altitude. This made me feel better about today's effort. See training at altitude, say at 5,000 feet as the professional athletics do, you are taking in much less oxygen as you would do at sea level. This builds up your oxygen uptake and carrying capacity so when you return to sea level it is as if you are performing with a supercharger ramming more air into your lungs. More oxygen into the bloodstream, the better the body works. So with my nose and sinuses half plugged due to this pollen situation that is affecting me, it is like I am taking in less air than normal just as if I was running at Lake Tahoe or Denver. This allergy thing is good and it is making me stronger...or so I try to convince myself.

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