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Monday, March 8, 2010

A New Trail & Success to a point

I took a new trail for a hike on Sunday. It's called Cobblestone Trail. The trail head is a mile down Channel Drive from where I park the scooter in the RV storage lot, thus why I have never hiked it before. The trail is all uphill and looked to be a good route to take out of the park on future mountain bike rides. On weekends the trails have a lot more activity. Of the many people I encountered was a young couple with their little 5 or 6 year old girl. She was so cute. Long wavy brown hair, baseball cap and excited as can be. She wanted me to know "We're going to the lake." For a long time they were behind me about a quarter of a mile and I could hear her constantly jabbering away, talk, talk, talk. Boundless energy. They passed while I was eating my lunch and she waved saying "We'll see you at the lake". I would liked to have taken a picture of her but all I could think of was her parents thinking I was some pervert. I need to quit watching TV and reading the news.

Finally I figured out how to put a map image of the route taken into the blog. The site has several options to display (street map, satellite view, topographic, etc.) but only the street map version can be embedded. Unfortunately the street map version shows Annadel Park as a big green space with no features or trials. So if I put it on here all that would show would be a green splotch with a thin red outlined geometric shape depicting the route. I give up...for now.

Here is the hiking route (in green). How I did this I'm not sure I can remember. Maybe if I do this enough times I'll get it down but for now, it took way too long to do.

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