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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Off to the Desert

The weather report called for a week full of rain so what better time to head for the desert. We drove for 467 miles to Adelanto. We found an RV park there whose residents would be classified as homeless if not for their desert worn trailer or camper. I was curious as to what prompted the “NO PIT BULLS” portion of the sign but there was no one around to ask. Well there was the “assistant manager” as she called herself. She pulled up alongside in her car which looked like she was living out of it, but I never got around to asking. We moved on down the road, ate an authentic Mexican food dinner at a truck stop and over-nighted with the truckers. The next morning we continued on to Anza Borrego arriving at lunch time. The temperature was 75 degrees but it seemed warm to us. We’ll need some time to adjust. Later the wind picked up and it howled all night long. In the morning the wind was still with us which makes for difficult picture taking. We drove on in to Borrego Springs, ate breakfast, bought a bag of oranges and grapefruit and found a hotspot to get online.
Which one would you choose to travel in?


  1. Personally, I'd choose the RV, but that could just be me...LOL.

    Good to hear that you made it out.

    As for No Pit bulls Allowed. It could be ignorant owners of the camp ground or that they know there are some ignorant(of the other variety) people out there who use aggressive training for their PB's, and if you allow a good one in, you might get stuck with a few nasties as well.

  2. Seems like every time I go to Anza Borrego or Death Valley I see one of these Unimog types from Germany being driven by Germans who had them shipped here by freighter. To have the time and money, the Germans (Europeans for that matter) have got it right while us Americans are really screwed up.

    No real comment regarding the Pit Bull sign as the place really looked like it would attract that sort of clientele anyway. It wasn't for us and we moved on.


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