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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Singing in the Rain

Today's forecast was for rain all day. Yet when morning arrived it was clear and bright with sunshine. A good chance to work on the leak in the motorhome. After breakfast I rode the scooter to the storage lot and got into the task of applying caulk to areas of suspect on the roof. Halfway into this it began to sprinkle so I quit and went home perturbed. Of course once home, it cleared and the sun came out. I decided to make the best of this fickle weather and go for a jog on my 3 mile loop in the neighborhood. Naturally, half way around it began to rain with all seriousness.

This brought back memories of many training runs of long ago in the rain. I was feeling good, having fun and downright exhilarated jogging along in the wet. I am not a water person and when it rains I do not care to be in it in any fashion. But I had forgotten how different it was to be out in the rain while running. My most memorable run in the rain was a half marathon race in Oakland. It was December 6, 1981 in monsoon-like storm conditions. It was wonderful and I finished in 1 hour 20 minutes. Unfortunately I do not know what place I finished. I cannot find any of my running information from back then. I must have thrown it all away when we moved, thinking I'd never run again. Stupid thing to do, but how was I to know?

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