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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Two Strikes and I'm Out

Yesterday I did another trail run using a different route. By the time I reached level ground the wind was out of my sails. I aborted my plan to continue on to the lake and turned around to go back. It is the nature of Annadel Park that any route into the interior requires a mile or two of constant climb and at this stage of my development, that is too much to deal with at any faster pace than walking. So yesterday I was quite discouraged. I'll take some time off, regroup and try to come up with a different plan.

I brought the View home for a clean-up and put things back together. I have been dealing with trying to locate how water was getting in during the rains. Having a ladder here at home I was able to inspect the awning mounts closely I did discover a possible source of entry for water. It seems so slight but water does move in mysterious ways. Another rain will tell if I did it or not.

Today it is suppose to be in the mid 70's and that sounds like a good reason to go for a motorcycle ride. The wildflower gauges in the deserts are slowly rising. By the end of the month they and we should be ready for a meeting. Meanwhile my pollen problems persevere and NeilMed continues to supply relief.

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