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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Two Weeks Now

I still have nose problems. I'm tired of this. At least this never turned into something worse...like last year at this time.

My son and I went for a mountain bike ride and during numerous breaks we took, I mentioned my nose problem. He said he had the very same issues when he moved to Santa Rosa. "It's the pollen. Sonoma county has the highest pollen rate in the state."
Well, I hadn't really considered that as I've never had an allergy/pollen affliction before. He said to get a NeilMed sinus flushing kit. "Best thing I ever did. I suffered for years until I recently discovered NeilMed."
The next morning I picked up a kit, went home, mixed up a batch and hosed my nose. What a relief! It is not yet perfect but it is the best its been in weeks. Great stuff!

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