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Monday, April 5, 2010

Birds and Me

   The other day I was on a secluded trail looking at a bird.  I got called a "bird watcher" as a young family came walking up the trail. "Shhh...there's a bird watcher." I put my binoculars away. Today I went on another route into Palm Canyon, the hike we did the other day. This time it was even more fun as I had the trail all to myself since most of the Easter crowd have vacated. On the way back a couple stops me and asks if I've seen any Bullock's Orioles and then goes on to tell me where I can see some type of warbler. What is it with these people? Is it the miniature binoculars hanging around my neck? The clothing? Think I will have a shirt made up - "I am not a birder and don't know Jack about what I am looking at or what you want to see."

Maybe I need to be wearing a pink polo shirt, Bermuda shorts,
white tennis shoes, knee-high socks and hat that says Disneyland.

   So I bought a copy of Kenn Kaufman's Field Guide to Birds of North America at the Anza Borrego visitor center. I had to wait till they began the movie so the place cleared out enough that I could manage being in there. This guide looked to be much easier to use than the National Geographic version I've been using. I went outside, saw a hummer and figured it was a female but of which species? I looked in my new guide (easy to find) and discovered it was a young Costa's male. $20 well spent. But still, don't ask me.
Along this morning's hike.

   The other earth shaking news was the big 7.2 earthquake Easter Sunday afternoon centered around Mexicali. We were camped and inside the View which really got to rocking. This was the longest quake that I can recall experiencing. Quite fun, especially watching the lady run out of the restroom pulling her pants up. (Well not so much so if you lived in Mexicali. I read the news report after writing that and had we been there, I would not have wrote "quite fun") I now wish I would have gone outside and stood on the ground.

No blue sky today as it is overcast with a few drops but still a fine day in the desert. Tomorrow we move on to Joshua Tree.


  1. Well, you could have been called worse I guess.

  2. You look like a birder, and yes you could of been called way worse.


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