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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dumpster Diving

It was the morning we were leaving for home. To leave the campground of Red Rock Canyon one must travel the entire loop for it is a one-way single track. It was probably the second to last dumpster that I remembered about our sack of trash we wanted to leave. I opened the large plastic flapper lid and there on top of the debris inside was a complete telescope and tripod. Without hesitation I rescued my find and put it inside the View and we drove away to our breakfast spot down the road. There after breakfast, I inspected my newly found treasure. It was all there except the eyepiece.
It appeared that someone had left it out all night, the wind blew it over maybe, broke the eyepiece, got sand inside on the lens or what, I wasn't sure. At any rate, I was interested in the tripod more than anything else. 

Once home I took time to inspect it more. Although the telescope was a cheaply constructed Made in China thing, it did come with an electronic tracking mechanism for viewing the stars. An adjusting knob for that was missing and the on and off button didn't work. Both batteries inside were good. The rotating focusing knob was stripped. Sand had got inside and prevented the two sleeves from sliding smoothly. At this point I could justify whoever threw it away for doing so but, had it not been left out in a sand storm there would be no cause to toss it. So I had intended a post about this was just another example of the throw away society we have become but that will have to wait for another day.

The tripod though was fine. I cleaned the sand and grit out, modified the head and mounted my spotting scope to it. This will work much better than before with its little table top tripod.


  1. ya never find your fortune by looking in the sky

  2. that sounds like an inside family phrase?

  3. You actually dove into the dumpster? I have seen people do that before. Do you wear gloves when you frequent the unknowns?


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