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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday Post

Despite the hoards that are out for Easter Week – okay, it isn’t that bad – we were able to get a campsite at the developed campground in Anza Borrego. Staying here would make it convenient for our planned hike into Palm Canyon the next day. Also there is a shower here which is always nice. The flowers are abundant and the cacti are not too far behind. Overall the weather is very nice in the 70’s but the wind could tone itself down a bit.

The next camp is our usual dry camp at Yaqui Wells. At this point Jane has shot over 700 pictures but was able to weed them down to a manageable 300 thanks to her new Mac Book. Meanwhile I have taken 53 and could probably weed them down to 3 worth keeping. Our plan after here is to return back to the developed campground for in talking with people we have learned of another hiking route and a road with more flowers.

Hummingbird nest with two babies about the same size of their parents. The top of the nest is about the size of a quarter.

At the trails end in Palm Canyon moments before it was over-run by the Spring Break crowd. Photo taken by an older couple from Juneau Alaska.

Loggerhead Shrike nest with 3 naked babies. This was near our camp and the parents provided constant entertainment with their coming and going of feeding insects to their brood. The nest was deep within a thorny Mesquite which provided ample protection from any invader.

There are so many flowers about but this one caught my attention. It was all by itself in the middle of a sandy wash and was barely 2 inches tall.

A Coachwhip snake I found sunning himself in the middle of the road while bicycling about. I moved him off the road before he became a flat snake-skin belt.

Hedgehog Cactus
Pincushion Cactus
Hazards of the trail
An early bloomer of Yucca
A meal for the Shrike babies. If it makes it, this will be a Swallowtail butterfly.

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