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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

No Rain & No Losses

I was really looking forward to a bike ride today and the day started out promising. The sun was shining and the weather report showed no rain till the afternoon. By 9 in the morning it was pouring. So I decided to run instead. I don't mind running in the rain but riding a bike in the rain is simply not fun. To be honest, running is not fun either, at least at this stage of my comeback. I know the day will come when running will once again be a joy but for now it sucks. I do feel really great afterwards though and if you are a runner, you know what I mean. The bicycling now is not as demanding so it has become my enjoyment form of exercise right alongside of hiking.

Way back when I used to run daily, my mindset was if I didn't run every day I would lose what I had and have to work at gaining back what was lost. In reality this is nonsense but to try to convince an addicted runner otherwise is futile. Now that I am coming back to some sort of program of fitness once again I have the same mentality going. Naturally I thought the two weeks away chasing wildflowers in the deserts doing nothing but hiking, I would come home and have to start all over.
My first mountain bike ride back home I felt it best to take it slow and easy in the lowest gear up the long hard pull at the beginning of my regular 13 mile loop. At the top I thought "That went well. Wasn't hard at all." It was then I noticed I wasn't in the lowest gear like I thought. This confused me.
My first run upon returning home I did my regular three mile loop thinking I'll take it easy. I was exhausted at the end reflecting back how hard it was. I was paying the price of not running any for two weeks. It wasn't till I sat down to log in my run did I realize that I had just ran that loop almost a minute faster than normal. This too confused me.
My first trail run was a couple days ago and I thought I was going to die during the last part wheezing and sucking wind as I was. I know trail running is harder and expected to feel awful. Back home I figured my distance and found out I screwed up and ran an extra half a mile further than 3 miles and at a pace faster than normal for trails.
I'm not confused anymore. I have accepted the fact that a long layoff of two weeks is not the end of the world and in fact may do more good than harm. Well, maybe I have not fully accepted this belief but I am working on it.


  1. I too run. I understand. Don't beat yourself up.

  2. And your times will only get better as the season goes on...that is if you keep it up.

    Me I can only run for very shorts spurts,(perhaps 1 and one half of a minute). I do love walking and or hiking.

  3. Yes, but that is not as important as it was long ago. Right now I am just grateful I can run again, whatever speed. Although after a 30minute run I am whooped, an hour later all is well. But a hike is a whole different sort. More time is invested. I just hiked today and my legs will be twitching all afternoon. Thanks for reading and the comment.


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