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Monday, April 19, 2010

Pure Dumb Luck

I took a hike today into the park on a trail I had not hiked on in a long time. Today I thought I would go the extra mile to explore an old quarry site. Two hours later at the trails end there wasn't much to see. I suppose I was expecting something along the line of the abandoned mines of the desert. Here though was simply some gouging into the hillside for blocks and flagstone slabs of rhyolite. Further on there appeared nothing more but dense woodland.

I thought I would press on but only as far as the ridge line in the photo. My latest misadventure in the desert searching for a mine is still fresh in my mind so I promised myself no further. Once there it was clear this was the end of the trail. To go further would take me down into a steep canyon where only deer would venture. I then looked down at the base of some small tress to my right and saw a small ammo can tucked away. Wow! My first thought was this was something left behind by the quarrymen 60 some years ago. I picked it up and read the label on the side "Official Geocache - please do not disturb". I am vaguely familiar with the concept of geocaching. I opened it up and inside were some items left behind by geocachers who had been here before (you are suppose to take something and leave behind something of equal or greater value) plus a notebook and pen inside a zip lock bag. The notebook contained accounts from those who had found the cache, most saying how difficult it was to locate, how much fun this was, thanks for taking us here, etc. The last entry was made one year ago. I added an entry of my own. "I'm just a hiker who stumbled upon this. I don't play the game or even own a GPS. Just pure dumb luck. Imagine that."

I would love to see the expression upon the next geocachers who come way out here, finally find the thing after hours of searching and read that a hiker had found it hidden away as it is.


  1. Again I do not think this was anything to do with Dumb Luck. Give yourself a pat on the back. Yo found something that not many people take the time to do.

  2. True, but I wasn't looking for it. I was just out for a hike in the forest. What with 5000 square acres of wilderness for this thing to be hidden in and there it was right by my feet seemed pretty weird. Thanks for your comments. They are appreciated. :)

  3. don't you think that you would enjoy the geocaching thing? An adventure, a challenge. All that.


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