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Friday, April 16, 2010

Ten Things I Learned on the Last Trip

1. Keep the camera by my side while driving. I should have had photos of freeway traffic jams, exploding tires, lap band & girly show billboards and more, to include along with the blog posts.

2. Always have the binoculars with me, including on the morning visit to the pit toilet. I missed seeing a Hooded Oriel up close after leaving the crapper.

3. When an earthquake strikes, get out of the motorhome and feel the experience.

4. Always replace knocked down trail markers. They will be your salvation.

5. Do not ever visit the California Poppy Reserve on a weekend day again. I did not make a post about that day for I would have had nothing nice to say about the people present, particularly those of a certain culture.

6. The Colonel has made big improvements with his chicken since the last time we visited him, something like 14 years ago. It was quite tasty or we were just tired and really hungry at the time.

7. A good hard rain while driving at 65 plus miles per hour removes 90% of the bug splats.

8. In seven more months I will be eligible to receive a senior discount at the state parks and save a whopping $3 off the $35 camping fee. Whoop-de-doo.

9. I am so glad we moved out of the L.A. area when we did 37 years ago. Okay, this I already learned long ago but a refresher lesson is always nice.

10. I know of only two people who read what I write here. Oops, now three.


  1. All good things to learn. I'd have to leave a comment about #6.

    You were probably tired and reallyhungry

  2. #6. Perhaps so. I'll check back in on the Colonel in another 14 years and see how the chicken is.

  3. Oh cool, I'll have to remember to check that botanical garden out the next time I get up to Glen Ellen... I visited the UC Berkeley Botanical Garden last Tuesday and it is always fun -- I'll show some photos eventually...

    About time for me to revisit Jack London's ranch again too... Have only been there once before but really enjoyed it...

    Food looks great! And that's a stellar shot of that Swallowtail!


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