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Friday, May 21, 2010

Car Features

I like my car.
Everyday there are more things about this car that I like. For example I can unlatch the seatbelt while moving without an annoying warning beeper sounding off. The View reminds me that I am driving unsafe for about a half a minute before giving up. When I push the remote control button to lock the doors a soft muted honk lets me know all is secure. With the wife’s Honda CRV the horn blasts scaring the bejesus out of me even over 100 feet away. As I drive away from a start-up, the doors lock automatically. That’s nice, especially if I go into the City where hoodlums roam. It is quiet and handles the road real sporty like. Makes me feel young and sporty. I need that. Why else would I have three motorcycles?

About the only thing I don’t care about is the cup holders. At first I thought the car had none. That was an issue for me. But I finally discovered them hidden away in a slot above the radio. When your drink is placed up on the rack, it’s right up there with cold or hot air blowing onto it from the vent, not to mention being right up in plain view. “Yeah, I was just at Starbucks, what of it?”

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  1. Gathering you don't frequent Starbucks? What is your favorite place to go and your choice of drink?


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