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Monday, May 24, 2010

Car Update

I stopped by the place I bought the car to pick up copies of its service record. Yes, one should have these in hand BEFORE buying a car but I like risk and gambles. Not really, but I just had a good feeling the first day I drove it. Let’s call it woman’s intuition – I was in tune to my feminine side at the time. See, when I first saw the car the lady at the dealership, a small outfit that sells electric cars, said it was a bank repo – no history. When I went back two days later Len the Russian advised me that it was not a repo but they were selling it for a customer. This was good news. I went on his word as to what had been done to the car since they had been servicing it in the past two years. After the purchase, the owners couldn’t produce any records so they printed out their copies for me. The paper work eventually showed over $1000 of work including a new alternator, starter, timing belt, water pump, Bosch spark plugs, filters, all in the last 6 months plus oil changes regularly. I got more of the story from Len.

The owners were well off (“Lots of money with BMW and Lexus) and had an only daughter who was going to school in San Francisco. They wanted the car to be in good shape and reliable for her commute to the City. This lasted till the end of her first year when she told mommy and daddy she wanted a brand new car. So rich parents bought their little princess a Toyota Yaras and thus, didn’t need an extra car. I had asked Len to check with them if there were any attachments for the roof rack. Initially they said no, but when I returned for the service records he told me the seller now says he has a bicycle carrier. “He said he sell it to you for $160. It cost over $300 from Volkswagen. It like new.” I smiled and told Len how just that day I went to a couple of bike shops and they said I would have to get one from Volkswagen as it is a VW rack. I stopped by the VW dealer just to see how much. There it was on the wall for $139 and “We’re having a 20% off sale on all racks and attachments right now.” My new bike carrier was sitting in the back of the car as we talked. Len says “This why I no like get involved with people.” I told him if it were me I would have thrown the carrier in with the deal if the buyer had a use for it. “But then I am not rich so I don’t understand the concept of greediness.” Len just shook his head and smiled.


  1. Legwork is a drag sometimes but it always pays off. Well done! :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by Charlotte. Buying a car is truly a drag. Trying to sell one is even worse.


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