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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Century Young

Today my aunt is 100. I saw her on the way home from the wildflower trip to the desert a couple months ago. She looked good and is able to get around in her home quite well. Still sharp as a tack. Only her eyesight isn't what it used to be. I called her this morning to see how her big day was going.
"Oh, it's just another day. Friends have sent flowers and I have 8 beautiful bouquets in here. You'd think I was dead already. It looks like a funeral parlor."
I told her that her 100th birthday was a real accomplishment that not too people can attest to. "Be proud of it."
"Yes, you are right" she said. "But I wouldn't want to do it again."
She went on to how she had a good life with no regrets. "You know, I think my 60's were the best years of my life." I told her I'll keep that in mind these next 8 years and try to make the most of them.
I then asked if the local newspaper might run a story on her. "Oh, I don't think they can afford to do those things anymore."
"Well you never know" I said. "You might want to be prepared if someone asks you what your secret is to a long life." She paused and then said "Well I always have my hair and nails done regularly and I put salt on everything."
Happy birthday Aunt Florence!


  1. Happy Birthday Aunt Florence!

    My Aunt Charlotte will be turning 99 at the beginning of August. It sounds like these ladies have more than just age in common. Interestingly she also really enjoyed her 60s and regrets that they made her retire at 65. She thought she was at her best at that time.

    I love being close to such an elder, she keeps my life in perspective for me. I don't get as worked up about things thanks to her. There was a Nature paper published about how grandmothers are an evolutionary advantage because of their help in child rearing (and so are perpetuated) but I wonder if they are also 'adult-rearing' in their way?

  2. Occasionally I meet folks in their 70's and 80's on the trail and I don't hesitate at all in telling them how they are an inspiration to me. I need that. It would be a kick to listen in to Aunt Florence and Aunt Charlotte share stories.

  3. Elderly people have a lot to share, and are definitely an inspiration. Congratulations to all the elders out there who still get out and do all that they can.


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