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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I sold the little Honda 90 trail bike. I have mixed feelings about this.

I parked it out along the golf course side of the house over father’s day weekend. As the golfers cross the street from the 13th hole to the 14th tee they cannot help but see it. Men and motorcycles, it got a lot of attention and I could hear comments throughout the day while they were waiting to tee off.

One guy (not a golfer) who was working in the neighborhood stopped by and started asking questions most of which were offers hundreds less than my price. Despite the fact I stated over and over that my price was firm and I didn’t care if I sold it or not he kept at it. Then he wanted to ride it. Figuring this guy wasn’t serious I let him ride it anyway. I couldn’t really be rude and say no in the remote case he was serious. He came back and started in some more trying to gyp me down on the price. Now he’s wasting my time. “Show me the money.” I reaffirmed my price adding that I just may raise it if he didn’t relent, and sent him on his way.

I really didn’t want to sell it to this guy for I feared the scooter would not be well taken care of. It would get thrashed, trashed, wrecked, left out in the weather and generally abused and not cared for as the last three owners have. But on the other hand if I sold it to him I wouldn’t have to deal with Craigslist flakes or resort to eBay, not knowing if or when it would sell in either venue.

I was surprised when the next day he was back. Now I had to decide. He tried once more to bicker me down a hundred. If he were someone I felt would appreciate the bike and care for it I would have met his offer just to avoid listing it on Craigslist or eBay. But now he is beginning to piss me off. Just before I was ready to tell him to buzz off he says he will buy it for my price. Then he starts in on another whole routine. Would I hold it for him; he’ll give me half now and half when he picks it up tomorrow or the next day when he returns with a trailer. I just don’t trust this clown figuring he’ll continue playing his games, so I tell him I don’t want his money. “You come back with your trailer, and then you can pay me. I’ll hold the bike till Wednesday.” He said he would come after work the next day. He seemed mystified as to me not wanting half his money now, as if no one had ever refused that from him before. If I had part of his money he could have milked out the final deal for however long. Having none of his money I wasn’t obligated to him for anything and could immediately sell it to someone else come Wednesday. Advantage mine and he knew it.

The next day he showed up when he said. I went over the details of the motorcycle with him…again…and we set to do the paperwork. Before I put pen to title I made him lay out his money. Deal done, I then had to advise him how best to secure it in his trailer for he was at a loss and asked what I thought. It was then I stressed to him how well cared for this motorcycle has been by its previous owners, how rare it is for one of these to be so complete including the original tool kit and spare fuel can and how it has been stored indoors all it’s life. “You take care of it, and then when the time comes and you decide to sell it, you will get your money back. It will only increase in value as time passes. But if it is left out to get rusted, not maintained, abused, wrecked or whatever, you’ll be lucky to get half back.” With that I bid him an “Adios”, closed the garage door and went inside to eat dinner.

Strangely, I noticed it was on this very same day last year that I bought the little Honda 90.

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