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Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Gavin

Today is our grandson's 5th birthday. We took him and his seven year old brother Miles out to play peewee golf. A miniature golf course can be challenging, especially for a 5 and 7 year old. Well for grandparents too. Why anyone would want to play a game like this on a grander scale is beyond me. The best way to play golf is to not take it seriously, and neither did the four of us. We played by our own rules which changed by each hole.

Early on in the game we had our first injury. The excitement was too much for Gavin to contain and it was impossible for him to move from one place to another in anyway but running. Miniature golf course have a lot of uneven surfaces which he soon discovered. As much as we tried to get him to not run he kept forgetting and ultimately paid the consequence. After a good dose of tears he was back to running again. We gave up and I finally told him he could run all he wanted but if he crashed and burned again, he couldn't cry. Fortunately he didn't fall anymore.

We made it through most of the course with only one lost ball over the fence. The 13th hole would be a pivotal hole in the game. The birthday boy tee'd off first at each hole. Here Miles chose to stand behind his brother. "Miles, get back. Miles, stand over here. Miles, you're going to get hit. Miles..." It was over in a second and I missed it. Gavin has a great follow-through and Miles now had the knot on his head to prove it.

After some more crying he went on with the game, with a bit less enthusiasm. And yes, he stood behind his brother again on the 14th hole.

The design of miniature golf courses are quite devious in their layout. Once the game is concluded at the 18th hole where your ball drops away into oblivion, never to be seen again, there is no way to exit the facility without walking through a huge complex full of video games and other money hungry machines. A near impossibility to navigate children to the exit without it costing you the down payment of a car. But Miles and Gavin are two exceptionally great kids and no tantrums were thrown. It also helps to convince them that they are hungry and a fabulous lunch at the place of your choice awaits. This was left to the birthday boy and our fate was sealed - Taco Bell. It could have been worse...the big M.

Miles was against going to Taco Bell

I looked at this poor excuse for a taco and felt it to be a criminal act, passing off food like this for people to eat. Then I looked around at the people in there, all standing around eagerly waiting for their order or at a table hungrily devouring this slop. We had little choice to be there. This is what a 5 year old wants. But all of the others in there had a choice and they, like a five year old, come to places like Taco Bell for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  It truly amazes me that fast food places continue to exist and thrive. This is not a testament to their food but to the simple mindedness of our society.

But the kids had a great time, skinned knees, clubbed heads and bad food aside, and that's all that mattered. When you can eat, get it all over you, make a mess on the table and floor then walk away, it's all good fun.
"Clean up at table four."


  1. What a great day (except for the skinned knee and whack to the head thing)!! Did you need a nap afterwards?

  2. What one does for the kids hey? I agree with you on the subject of fast food joints and the devious layout of miniature golf places.

    I don't have little ones, so I don't have to go to said places, but I'm glad you all made it out in relatively good shape. (minus the sporting accidents of course)

    Looks like you have a couple of great kids.


  3. What a great for your grandsons and you spending time together. Adore your photos especially the bubbles with comments written in them. Don't feel bad they both went to Karate today with their injuries.

  4. If children are hurt, shouldn't they be able to cry? Even if they don't follow the rules?

  5. Thanks to all for your comments:

    Shelly - No nap needed. But I did take some Rolaids.

    Vic - They are our grand kids, but yes, we do have a couple great kids too.

    My World - Would you go out with me on a date? <3

    Anonymous - I never respond to anonymous comments but will make an exception here. My grandson knows me (you don't), and knows I am not serious...ever.


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