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Friday, July 30, 2010

Hiking, Biking, Motorcycle Riding, Oh My!

Today I made a point of going on a hike. I looked back in my log and the last time I went on a hike was 27 days ago. That's shameful. Of all my activities, hiking I enjoy the most. But I enjoy riding the mountain bike too. Then sometimes I seem not to have any time for either (or energy, I've done too much) so I go for a walk, which too I enjoy. I don't even know when the last time I got one of the motorcycles out for a ride. I want to do it all and just cannot. Why can't we be retired up to age say 60, then work for the remainder of our lives? I'd much rather be tired, worn down, sick, infirm, geeked up and plain worthless on the job than when I am free.

Upon returning home from my hike I see a brand new 2010 Volvo convertible parked on my side lawn. Well actually it is the golf course, but I like to think it, the greens and fairway across the street, plus the pond are all part of my estate. Anyway, big tournament today and the car is a prize for a hole-in-one on the 13th hole across the street. In the year we have lived here there has been two hole-in-one's on the 13th, one of which was during a tournament and the guy got $10,000 for that. I checked to see if they left the keys in it for me to take a spin but none were there. Oh well. 


  1. Why can't we be retired up to age say 60, then work for the remainder of our lives?

    Never heard anyone make this analogy about work and play before. The first part sounds good. Some people claim to be bored after retirement. Not the case for you!

  2. I especially like seeing:
    1) your very neutral-colored clothes (no reds or yellows) as you move through nature. Birds and other wildlife will not be as spooked as you move through the environment.
    2) your very cool binoculars around your neck and ready for action at a moment's notice. COOL!

  3. Three women park volunteers on horseback passed me by and commented on how I blend in. I said that I hoped to make it back and not fall down on the trail somewhere, or they would never find me. Never used the binoculars. Nothing to see except a black capped chickadee and he was nearly at my feet.


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