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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hiking with Grandkids

I took the Grandkids out for a hike today on that nice little trail I discovered at Sugarloaf State Park earlier this year. Then the creek and waterfall was full flow but now only standing pools of water remained, flowing underground then re-surfacing later on down stream. But I don't think the water mattered much to them, climbing rocks held more interest.

The Madrone trees were shedding their bark and I told the kids how they are sometimes called "paper trees" for you can use the bark to write or draw pictures on. Miles began looking for just the right size piece to take home with him. I think he had several pieces in his collecting bag by the end of the hike.

We probably covered about a quarter of a mile looking at everything of interest along the way, before the first grumblings of  "I'm tired" came from Gavin with a "I'm hungry" response from Miles. We picked out a spot and sat ourselves down in the quiet forest for rest and snacks.

Miles of course had to be on top of the biggest rock where he worked on his granola bar,

meanwhile Gavin plopped down at the first available spot...next to me, and selected his fruit wrap from his backpack. Fruitwraps are not the ideal snack food to have when you are 5 years old, in a forest full of pine needles, dried leaves and dirt. These items love sticky hands. I was eating my apple and helping him try to get the flat fruity material free from the folded wrapper. He would stuff the wadded substance in his mouth as each piece broke free. In the end we both did fairly well keeping any foreign material off hands and out of mouths.

Done with our break a vote was taken whether to continue on or head back to the car. I abstained from voting and the car was the popular choice, so back we went.
We were keeping track of how many falls each person had. Gavin won with five, but Miles got the award for the most dramatic. But he never let loose of his Madrone paper.

We arrived back to the car with an elapsed time of 1 hour and 15 minutes, the 15 minutes for rest and dealing with fruitwraps. Total distance covered, less than a half a mile. The only thought now was to go to Grandma & Grandpa's house and eat lunch, play with toys and watch TV.


  1. These photographs are adorable! You captured the essence of life with grandsons. Super job here.

  2. Great pics! It is not nearly that scenic here in Chico.


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