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Friday, July 2, 2010

Just "Google" it.

   My son has told me anything you need to know it’s on the Internet. The power of the Internet he would say. “Just Google it.” I am a believer. So many times I would type in ‘how do I -------‘ and there is the solution to my problem. For example when I was ready to install new headlights on my VW Golf I learned you need to remove the front bumper first. But how do you do that? I Googled it and there were several hits, the best being a video on You Tube. I’ve even been so desperate that way back when I first got my new mountain bike and kept flying over the handlebars I Googled ‘how to ride a mountain bike’.
   Recently in a moment of weakness I downloaded the new Google Chrome after being prompted to try it out. Normally I never download anything new and different if the old works just fine. I tried it, didn’t like it and uninstalled it. Later I found my email was screwed up. I Googled the issue and discovered that downloading then removing Google Chrome could be the reason behind the problem I was experiencing. So next I Googled how to fix it. The solution took me into risky uncharted territory of the regedit world of computerland. I ventured in. In the end I fixed the problem through some reprogramming – a first for me. My son would be proud.
   Which brings me to the meat of this post. In viewing other blogs I notice how a small percentage of them fill the entire screen instead having a border of blank space on each side. This wasted space really bugged me ever since I began this Blog . I searched and searched for an answer to fix this with little luck. I asked other bloggers. Either they didn’t understand what I was asking about, referred me to some information that was not what I wanted or it was too complicated for me to understand, or they simply ignored me. The hours I’ve poured over this I don’t even want to know. Very frustrated, I gave up (many times)…until now. Emboldened with my new to me computer skills I took it on yet again.
   The key to “Just Google it” is using different wording in each search. After several inputs I finally found something that might address what I want and it was written in a way I just might be able to follow and understand. Like with the Chrome issue it meant changing programming codes in the blog html. Scary stuff. I don’t even know what html means. I made the changes inputting different numbers and bingo bango it worked!
   The blog is now bigger, and I should be able to put in larger pictures and place some within the text much easier…that’s if I can remember to take the pictures to begin with.


  1. It was always big on my screen.

  2. Wow, reprogramming and using html! I'm impressed. I'm usually too scared and uptight even to think about just Googling it. But I don't have kids to keep up with. If I can't reformat my blog without just selecting a new design option (which I recently did) then it wasn't meant to be . . . . but now you got me thinking.

  3. It was just a matter of following a complicated (to me) path then changing some numbers which were size numbers. Here is the link on how to do it http://www.bloggerbuster.com/2008/01/creating-three-column-or-wide-two.html
    Scroll down to the 'making a wider template' part. I think that was it. It was easy to undo then redo and compare results. I have to work on the banner part yet with a different photo that will work for a full size spread. Be brave and good luck.


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