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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

le Tour de Santa Cruz Heckler

I've taken some time off to go see the Tour de France as you can see above.  

   No, just kidding. Really, that's not me. Honest. Actually it is televised each day and watching this thing burns up about 4 to 5 hours of my life each day. I'll be glad when it is over. In fact today is a "rest day" for the riders and it truly is a rest day for me too not having to watch it.

   I was able to take a motorcycle ride and test out my new front tire. The old one was getting close to the rope showing so best get a new tire. In fact I have bought 5 new tires this past week and not one was for a car. The new-to-me Santa Cruz bike needed tires front and rear. A mountain bike tire cost almost as much as the new Dunlap motorcycle tire for the Honda did. Amazing. Then when I went out for a bike ride on the Fischer 29 incher last Sunday I realized the tires that came on the bike when I bought it back in November just aren't cutting it anymore. The trails in Annadel are now all dry and dusty, like talcum powder on rock. I was really noticing how slippery things were and had to take it slower. So I had to buy a pair of knobby tires for it also. I asked the boys in the Trek Bike Store where I bought the bike, as to why Trek (who owns the Gary Fischer brand) would put such a mild grip tire on a mountain bike. I learned that being the bikes are made in Wisconsin, the terrain there is not like what we have out here in the west so... Hmmm...guess I wouldn't like to ride back there then.

Anyway this post was to be about the maiden voyage of the new-to-me Santa Cruz Heckler. I've read reviews from owners old and new and they all love their Hecklers. I see what they mean. The bike is light and I found it easy to maneuver around rocks and lifting the front end over obstacles. The rear suspension works really well as I found myself barely noticing any jarring even while sitting on the seat. It wasn't shifting too well so I couldn't really experience the bike as I should. It needs some more fine tuning but I know I will enjoy this bike. But it will not replace the Fischer 29 incher for the fast rocky downhill fire roads which I love. Oh by the way, that's not me either. I don't have anyone to take my picture, even when crashing. But it is a Heckler.

   Back to the Tour though. I watch it partly for the race and equally as much for the scenery. The French countryside is very nice and I enjoy the helicopter shots of the mountains, fields, villages and chateaus. But not sure if I would want to go there though unless I could take the View and Sinbad.


  1. okay, that chartreuse-colored nut-sling thing is just plain nasty.

  2. You'll have to teach Sinbad how to operate your camera.


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