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Friday, July 9, 2010

Trauma Day

   A couple weeks ago two young men came to our door. I thought they were Mormons or Jehovah Witness people but it turned out they were from AT&T. We let them in and learned about AT&T services being available here in our area. I will not go into the horror stories of dealing with Comcast when we first moved in here. That would best be saved for a book. As of late though Comcast has slowly been jacking up our monthly fee each and every month as if we would never notice.They didn't know my wife. In the end we found out we could save money on our package of phone, Internet and television services, I could now get the Speed Channel and watch these European motorcycle races I've been missing and best yet, stick it to Comcast by canceling their services.
   Yesterday was the big day when the technician came out and set us up. As the day approached we grew evermore apprehensive. This mainly due to all the issues we had with Comcast a year ago. Were we asking for a new pot full of problems? It was difficult to remain positive. The guy set everything up quite smoothly in comparison to the clowns from Comcast. We sat down with pen and paper to take notes on operating the new DVR for the television. This was one item I was not too keen on...losing the TIVO.
   After the AT&T guy left I struggled with setting up the new DVR with the same settings we had with the TIVO. Basically most all the features are there, just in a different arrangement, one which I will say is not as user friendly and as easily navigable as TIVO. I was pretty well overwhelmed and worn down by the end of the day. Well, to be fair, anything technological will do that to me. Meanwhile my wife was having her own issues with the internet, but to a much lesser scale. Her email was with Comcast and she, well I will not say anymore on that. We both went to bed last night wondering if we made a mistake or not.
   This morning is a new day and I awoke with more acceptance to the new system. I think it will be okay and we just need some time to become familiar with the new territory. We have 30 days inwhich to bail out and jump ship yet the only recourse would be joing the Comcast ship of fools once again and I can't see that happening. We're not that desperate.

Anyone want to buy a TIVO machine? or maybe two of them?


  1. So did your email address change also? I hope that you are both learning the new technology, but for me I say "stop the insanity"!! That's right, I'm a bit luddite.

  2. No, I planned waaaaaay ahead for something like this. We have to live with this technology sad to say. I went to Radio Shack to get a pair of rabbit ears for the TV and the sales person sent me across town to the pet store.

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  4. Hey Sinbad,

    First, allow me to apologize for your past experiences. It's our goal to provide good service to our customers and we understand that this goal is not always met. As an organization, we are working to change that and our efforts are starting to be noticed - http://techcrunch.com/2009/10/20/comcast-twitter-has-changed-the-culture-of-our-company/
    We have much work ahead of us, but we're always open to feedback and having open dialogue with our customers to make that work easier.

    If we can ever do anything for you, please don't hesitate to ask.


    Detreon Roberts
    Comcast Corp Office

  5. Hi - just realized Sinbad was your cat :-)


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