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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Update for the Salt Flats

We are in Ely Nevada, first Internet hook-up. We plan to arrive at the flats around lunch time. Inspections were for Thursday with runs from Friday on into next week. We had thunderstorms the night before last and if it rained on the salt that will impair conditions for them to run on. I just checked the weather for Wendover Utah which is the closest town. It is to be windy today and tomorrow. When the wind is up, they don't run. Monday's forecast calls for showers after Sunday's isolated thunderstorms. All this does not bode well for the time trials. I feel bad for the racers for they have waited all year for this week. We will at least be able to walk through the pits and view the motorcycles. If I have to drive through standing water at the entrance as I did the last time there, I will not be too happy about that. Nasty stuff getting all that brine splashed up underneath the vehicle. Oh and one other thing, there will be a 20 degree drop in temperature tomorrow. Below is a picture taken on the salt when it dropped like that on my first trip out there. I used the picture to make a Christmas card out of since it looked as if I was at the Arctic. It sure felt like it.

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  1. HEY!! I sure hope that the weather straightens up for you guys!!

    You could go to Elko and see the Ruby Mountains, perhaps one of the more beautiful places that I've seen in the United States. Seriously. And there are snowcocks there!!


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