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Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Bicycle Obelisk

Last month this art piece appeared in my town of Santa Rosa. It created quite a stir in the community most all positive save for drivers gawking at it instead of paying attention to their driving. The "Cyclisk" as it is called, stands 65 feet tall, weighs over 10,000 pounds and took 4 months to build all of recycled bicycle parts. The artist who lives in nearby Petaluma said around 340 bicycles were donated to create the piece. The bike parts were welded within a rectangular framework in a warehouse in Oakland. The finished work was then trucked to Santa Rosa and hoisted in place by a crane. The $37,000 art piece was funded by a 1% tax on all community commercial projects that exceed $500,000. The 1% must be designated for public art and in this case it came from the construction of a nearby new Nissan auto dealership. The irony of this cannot be missed. The artist waived his fee so that all the money would go into the art piece.

I've seen obelisks up close in Egypt but personally I think this one is more impressive.

The Little Red and White Bicycle Seat

Back Lit by the Sun


  1. That's actually pretty cool, though I'm not sure what I think of the car dealership crushing all those bikes (metaphorically).

    As art I like it.

  2. Driven by it many times, but did not want to "gawk" in that busy area. Neat write up on the particulars. I was trying to think of where else it could be put other than the Nissan auto dealership. Nice post.

  3. interesting, a little bit of BM in Sonoma Co.?


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