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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Black & White

On a few of the blogs I follow the authors have posted some black and white photographs. I enjoyed seeing them. I used to do B&W all the time when I had a film camera. Remember those? I even built myself a little darkroom. Then digital cameras came along and I sort of forgot about B&W for awhile. Well, thanks to those bloggers I dug through images dating back almost 10 years in search of B&Ws that I did with digital cameras. Here I post a few if for no other reason than to get me to start thinking "Black and White" when I look through the viewfinder and push down on that little button.
I think people pictures, particularly portraits, look better in black and white.
Especially when they are of your newborn grandson and his grandmother.


  1. I really like these a lot. Very nice work. Inspiring is another description.

  2. These are very nice. You definitely need to do b&w, you've got the eye for it!

  3. neat! I especially like the one of the snag on what looks like a river of dried mud. and of course the portrait.

  4. Scott & T.B. - thanks for the encouragement. I plan to work on it.

    shel - that snag was out in the middle of a dry lake. As for the portrait, grandma went and stole it from me for her blog. I should turn her in to the Blog Police but then I didn't have her sign a release either so I guess I don't have much of a case.

  5. These black and whites are very cool. I wish we still had good access to b & W film.

  6. Becky - I follow another blog of a group of five semi-professional photograpghers. One guy shoots B&W a lot and amazingly he says he gets his film at Walgreens. I looked and they do have Kodak Professional Black and White 35mm film in a three pack at $12.99.


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