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Sunday, September 26, 2010


This mural is on a free-standing cinder block wall at a local elementary school. I suspect the kids were given free rein to paint the wall as this wish. Very creative and imaginative. Perhaps another Diego Rivera will emerge from this class.

We had similar walls at our school but they were made out of wood. We played handball using either a volley ball or kick ball for the game. You hit the ball with your fist and it had to hit the ground first then bounce up and against the wall whereupon your opponent did likewise. I loved the game and could play it for hours as it was about the only game with a ball I was good at. I was good at 4-square too. Sometimes I would skip lunch just so that I could play these games even longer. Tether-ball I was terrible at. My timing was always off and most of the time I'd miss the ball and hit the rope which would wrap around my arm with great force leaving rope burns. Worse still was hitting the ball where the rope tied onto it. Extreme pain.

Ah yes, games during recess. The best of times at school. It made going to school worthwhile.

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  1. I could see my grandsons input in this painting. The little peace sign. Nice post. Tetherball was my game. I don't know any kid that would skip lunch for games at school. DIdn't your yard duty or teacher notice you did not eat lunch? I also loved hand ball against the wall.


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