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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pogo Sticks

I stopped by to see what my son and his family were up to. My grandson Miles wanted to show me his new pogo stick. Fifty years ago I tried a friend's pogo stick. That lasted about ten minutes. Back then all pogo sticks were the same. Made out of heavy gauge steel pipe, if you fell and it landed on you, you had the bruises to show for it. They were as long as you were tall so your hands were up by your face. And worst of all, they must of had garage door springs inside. No way could a scrawny little kid such as I was, jump up and down on the things. Mile's pogo stick is just the right size for him. The foot pegs have rubber pads. In days of old they were all steel and guaranteed to skin your shin when your foot slipped off. Now there is foam padding along the shaft and custom hand formed foam grips to hang on to. Not the skinny vinyl bicycle handlebar grips of those prehistoric models. And best of all, the spring actually compresses when the little guy jumps on it. What a wonderful age we live in. 


  1. Gooooooo Miles! Yes, I too remember my Pogo Stick. This is a wonderful photo, and I notice his tongue sticking out. S U P E R P O S T!

  2. fun post - - plus we didn't wear helmets when we played on our pogo sticks!


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