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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Senior Huh?

We headed for home driving across the state of Nevada in 7 hours. Rather than pressing on though California we stopped at Boomtown just west of Reno for the night. It is a good place to overnight leaving a mere 4 hour drive to home. They had an "all you can eat" lobster buffet going, something one does not see very often. After settling in the parking lot we went inside and located the restaurant. I stood there in the short line reading the sign - Lobster Buffet $23.95, then in small letters below "with Boomtown Bonus Bucks Card". So it is registering in my mind that we will be paying how much more? since we're just passing through and are only squatters in their parking lot. I start thumbing through my money for 4 twenties just to be on the safe side. With the cacophony of noise going on, slot machine racket, the guy singing and playing the piano directly behind us, the clanging of dishes and people talking, I could just make out the cashier lady saying, "Two?". I raised up two fingers in reply. She said something else directed at the wife which was indecipherable to me, and with a nod of her head she punched the keys on the register and pointed up at the readout screen...$29.98. I stood there in shock as if I had unexpectedly hit the jackpot. I gave her half my twenties, received my change and staggered on into the eating area. "What just happened there?" I asked my wife. What I couldn't hear was the cashier saying "Seniors?" to my wife which she responded with a nod of her head and we got a half off deal for it. That lobster tasted a whole lot better.

I've got to start working this senior discount thing but never can remember to mention it in stores and restaurants. So I sent away for this hat and hopefully it will help.


  1. I guess I will go out with you for "senior" discounts. Because I don't wanna be a senior and I don't think I am yet. Glad you got over the stunned part of "a cheaper" price so you could enjoy your numberous lobsters. Yep, classic.

  2. I love it. We laughed over this a lot. Don't be shy about asking for the senior discount. With so many folks becoming seniors, some places are taking away the 55+ and changing it to 80-85. Didn't Utah do this? I could be totally wrong. In Europe Jim and Kathy got jubilados status a lot, which meant 65 and older got nearly half off everything, except food. In the UK it is concessions for 60+. Good on 'em!


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