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Friday, September 10, 2010

What to Do?

Tomorrow is the big mountain bike race I wrote about back on the August 12 posting of this blog. At that time I knew only of the 25 mile route. Since then I learned that there is a 18.5 intermediate route and a 9 mile "beginners" route. Good God, I rate myself more than a beginner but the fact remains, to do anything longer might require a medivac airlift out of the park for me. Why couldn't they just named it "The Old Fart Route" and I would be much more comfortable with that. Anyway, the day is here and I am glad I had the good sense as to not sign up for the event. The $68 entry fee helped a lot in making the decision. My son and I will go tomorrow, hike in a bit on the extremely rocky and treacherous downhill just before the finish and watch the carnage. Should be amusing good fun.

Last week Burning Man concluded. I checked in to the live stream feed each day to see what was going on. It was a very good HD camera they had going with an extremely powerful zooming capability. So I really got to see all that I wanted to and all along never really felt any wishing I was there feelings. Even watching the MAN burn on Saturday night, once he fell I could see people getting up, packing up their chairs and I immediately thought of how many times I have done that myself. Now, the long 2+ mile walk back to camp in the dark with thousands, being careful not to get run into by some clown on his bicycle with no light, avoiding art cars, trudging across the playa tired, windblown, filthy dusty, looking into the far distance for my street which leads down into the city where my home sits. "Wow, here I am all clean, comfortable and warm in my house. This is alright!" I received reports from Burner friends who went. The art was sparse and not of the usual high quality. Getting out required 4 to 4.5 hours of sitting in your car crawling along. About the only good thing was the weather was great and the playa firm - good for bike riding. I'm fine with not going anymore. I have my memories.

So I've given up on any aspirations of getting back into mountain bike racing. I've retired from Burning Man. I've talked myself out of modifying the Yamaha and running it out on the Salt flats. I'm running myself out of options here.

What to do?


  1. Yeah well, share the bike race from your spectator view with us followers. You may have more in you than you think.


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