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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hey, I could use this

An electric powered mountain bike.
Actually I think the bike was designed as an all-purpose type of bicycle equally at home on city streets or trail. Whatever the case may be, there it was several miles into Annadel Park locked to the post by the lake. I know the rough grade the bike had to conquer in order to reach this spot. I wonder if it was able to do so on battery power alone or the rider assisted with pedal action. No one was around except for this fisherman in a nearby cove of the lake.
How he gets his inflatable floating fishing thingy there is another matter. There was an empty backpack secured to the bike so maybe it deflates down to where he can pack it away. Then consider packing in his pole and fishing gear...such dedication to his pastime.

The last few days I've ridden my bike into the park I've seen all types of animal action. A doe and it's fawn no more than 10 feet from me. A three pointer buck and a coyote having a stand-off less than 200 feet away. Five Turkey Vultures perched in a dead tree15 feet directly overhead keeping an eye on a fresh smelly carcass nearby. So yesterday I pack my SLR and hiked in to the park and see...nothing, naturally.

So here are three yellow jackets feeding on something I could not make out what it was and I wasn't about to disturb them any to investigate it either.

Don't suggest I take my camera with me while on the mountain bike. I know I will crash just because I have it with me. Leave the camera home. I will see more animals while hiking and not crash any while biking.
Works great. 


  1. Nothing beats good old pedal power.

    As for taking your camera along with you when biking. Do you really crash that often that it would be of concern? Just asking...LOL

  2. Oh, I should also say that I'm sorry for my absence on here.

  3. Yeah! Maybe that electric powered is what I need for the hills?! Then again I agree with Vic. Pedals to the metal are best to keep in shape. Love the photos. Great post.


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