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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Million in One Shot

On our weekend visit we went along on a bird expedition. More on that later. While out in the marsh I was goofing around with my 400mm lens, more on that later also. I snapped a hand-held shot of my wife, something she hates me doing. It wasn't till we got home and I downloaded all my images for the weekend did I discover what I had actually captured in that shot.

This is not photoshopped in any way except for an instant fix to improve color.


  1. Wow, such an amazing picture. Is it two birds I see, flying in different ways?
    I also like the warm colors in this picture. Say hello to your wife from me, and have a nice day:))


  2. Cool photo! There is is killdeer for sure (the larger bird closer to your wife) and I am not sure about the other one. Maybe it is a sharp-tailed sandpiper!

  3. Wow you did get lucky, three lovelies in one shot.

  4. I think your wife needs bigger glass. But then again she seems happy with small macro. Great photo and what luck. A Sharp Tailed Sandpiper! Your blog is looking good.

  5. Both birds are flying the same direction. Maybe the smaller one is running the larger one off. I imagine if I snapped the shot a fraction of a second later the larger bird (killdeer - thank you S.) would appear to be sitting on top of the camera staring her in the face. I appreciate your comments, thanks.


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