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Friday, October 1, 2010


I like reptiles. Many people do not. When a little boy I dreamed of growing up and being an expert on snakes. I asked my grandmother what that is called. "A herpetologist" she told me. Naturally being a little boy, the next time I stayed with my grandparents I wanted to be something different but grandma always had a name for it when I asked - archaeologist, paleontologist, zoologist. The one time I wanted to work in a zoo she just said zookeeper. "I would think that would be a zoologist grandma." Well I became none of those dreams so in place of that I just take pictures of the reptiles I find during my outings. Here are a few.
No Rattlesnakes. I only have print photos of them. No digital shots.
Same breed of snake but one in Death Valley and the other in Anza Borrego

This Chuckwalla was not cooperative in having his photo taken.


  1. I like your photos very much.

    Greetings from Norway.

  2. Your reptiles are stunning. Seems you are doing a part of what you enjoy. Photography, and the animals you come across. I knew a guy that told me he would be a "zookeeper", back in the late 60's. Being a zookeeper has many meanings. Keep on going and discovering while you can. Are you heading out anywhere soon?

  3. Ruth - Thank you. I guess you do not see animals like this in Norway.

    JEK - I wouldn't want to be a zookeeper now that I am no longer a child. I feel sad for the animals caged up. In fact I do not go to zoos just for that reason.


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