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Sunday, October 3, 2010


In Amboy, California on historic Route 66 you will find Roy's. Roy's been a feature in many movies when the setting of a lonely desert gas station was needed. Built in 1938 Roy's served all the traveler's needs up till the early 1970's when Interstate 40 was completed and bypassed the town of Amboy. From then on things slowly fell into disrepair and abandonment leaving it to the mercy of vandals. In 2005 a businessman bought the entire town for $425,000 and slowly began to restore Roy's with the 1950's look it once had. In January 2008 Roy's was once again in business even though the rest of the town, which at one time had 800 residents, remains a ghost town. I happened to roll through there 3 months afterwards not knowing of it's resurrection.

The motel rooms were in the process of being fixed up and by now I would guess ready to rent. Might be a bit spooky in the middle of the night of a lonely deserted ghost town of the Mojave Desert. What do you think?
These were the prices in 2008 when gas prices went ballistic. It wouldn't be to bad filling up a motorcycle but a car or RV is another matter. This is a favorite route for motorcyclists. Much better than riding the Interstate with all of it's big rigs and crazy motorists racing to Las Vegas.
Further east down Route 66 lies another abandoned traveller's retreat. I doubt we will ever see it come back to life. We can only imagine how it was to stop here in the 50's after hours of driving across the hot dry Mojave desert. How refreshing a thick chocolate malt would be, the taste of a big fat juicy hamburger, relaxing in the cool air of the resturant's swamp cooler. It would be difficult to step back out into the baking oven-like air and continue on with your journey to wherever it may be. Remember to check the radiator.


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  2. Interesting article. Everyone has heard of Route 66, but I for one have never traveled a single mile on it. I think it would be kinda peaceful to spend the night in one of those motel rooms in the Mojave Desert.

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  3. Vic - there are some nice books out with pictures and comments about Route 66. I have a couple. Brings back a time that was a wee bit before mine.
    Scott - Thanks for the compliment. I need to take some time and go in search for some more interesting sites on the road.

  4. Route 66 can be a long hwy for sure. But interesting by far as you described. Remote places that most folks never take the time to see.
    Where would you like to go next if you go back on the road? I hope you don't say where the road leads you...


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