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Saturday, October 23, 2010


I've been neglecting my good buddy in my posts while here at home. He just turned ten years old recently. I have had cats all my life and loved them all. They have all come into my life one way or another where I give them a good home. By far though, Sinbad is the most unique of all of them. He is the only cat I actively went out and adopted, and that was through an act to relieve the pain of an untimely loss of my previous cat Pink. When we first met at the rescue center ten years ago, he came to me, I held him in my arms and he licked away the tears on my cheeks. From then on we've been inseparable. I vowed 'no more indoor/outdoor cats' after Pink's death and Sinbad has been all the better for it living life indoors. He will lie out on the table in our patio with me watching the birds, never giving much thought in going after them. If he shows any interest all I have to say is a soft "no" and he minds. Now if a squirrel comes by, that is a different story. I have to put him back in the house. He travels with me all the time. At camps I allow him out on a long line and harness. We go for walks in the desert evenings, him on a leash, and he enjoys tracking down all the sights and sounds that are invisible to me. Places with a wide open expanse like dry lakes in the photo above, he is free to wander as there is no place for him to wander off to. He always stays near the motorhome, near me. He is one happy cat as long as he knows where I am, and I can say the same thing also for myself with him.


  1. Oh, such a beautiful story, and lucky cat.
    He is really beautiful, and I really like to hear about people like you, who takes good care of their animals.
    Would be nice to see more pictures of him.
    Have a nice evening, and thanks for all nice comments from you in my blog:)


  2. Sinbad is truly a lucky and unique cat. Rescues are the best and keeping cats INDOORS is really the way to go for everyone!!! As a person that grew up with indoor/outdoor cats (that constantly brought home 'prizes') I am now a hardcore INDOOR cat only person. Check out this link:

    It is better for the cat (case-in-point=Pink) and way better for the environment.

    My cat (and last 2 cats in my life) have been indoor only cats. I don't walk them like Sinbad! Maybe I should try that with Santino?? HeeHee.

  3. To be totaly honest with you, I don't really care that much for cats, but I will admit that he is one handsome looking feline. Please don't hold this statement against me, as I can definitely respect that we do become very attched to the animals in our lives.

  4. B.B - yes, I ought to post more pictures of Sinbad, must for the most part he doesn't want to be bothered about it.

    S - doesn't Santino get some outdoor time at times when you are not looking?

    Vic - won't hold that comment against you as we once had a whippet so lucky for you, you have a greyhound-cross, or else...

  5. i LOVE this. so much
    very beautiful, you and sinbad <3


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