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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Yucky Water

The three lakes and swimming lagoon at the nearby parks are undergoing an algae bloom. The swimming lagoon is closed and the three lakes are posted with warnings about the blue-green algae present. The visitor is cautioned against drinking the water or getting any in your mouth. "Thoroughly rinse off your dog or children after swimming in the water." The notices also add to clean fish completely and "do not eat their entrails." People do that?
To me the water looked to contain more than just blue-green algae in creating these colorful patterns.


  1. Beautiful patterns, but it looks more like an oil slick than blue-green algae.

  2. Some lovely effects there as long as you've taken your own sandwichs and a flask of tea. I'm not so worried about who's eating the fish entrails as who's eating the unrinsed dogs and children.

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  4. I can't get over the colors on this water. Did you do any effects or color enhancements? Nice photos, and I enjoy your blog.

  5. Beautiful patterns and colors, especially the last one, but it looks like oil in the water.
    Thanks for commenting my picture of the old bus. I have more pictures of it, but ther're not so good.
    Have a nice day:)


  6. Yes, it does look like oil on the water surface. The lake is enclosed with no outside source of water except for the creek run-off from the state and county park plus underground wells to keep the water level stationary. No motorboats are allowed on the lake. Only row boats, kayaks and human powered paddleboats. So I cannot say for sure how, if any oil could be present. Maybe it is from the oily fish, dogs and kids that swim in the waters. :)


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