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Monday, December 6, 2010

A Camera or a Gun? Also, Carpet Circles

On yesterday's mountain bike ride I came across this magnificent fellow grazing.
Unbothered by my presence, he walked even closer to me just to cross the trail.

I see deer frequently in the park and I never grow tired of admiring them.
As he crossed in front of me I wondered how anyone could so easily shoot him and end his life? He gave me the pleasure of "shooting him" with my camera and I was immensely satisfied with that as I rode away. I simply could not comprehend doing anything otherwise and feel so wonderful about it as I did those immediate few minutes afterwards.

When I returned home I found my house had been invaded by two small little alien beings who left cryptic designs on my living room carpet in my absence.
You may be able to make out the message "for Grandpa".
Strange. I wonder who did this and how this happened?


  1. Have you notified the Government of you close encounter? LOL!! very cute. Aren't you glad they didn't use permanent markers. I too am glad you used a camera to shoot the buck.

  2. Yes, the camera is more than enough when it comes to deer. I think those same aliens invaded my house too!

  3. I should think about buying the aliens an etchasketch for christmas before the move on to something a little less eraseable

  4. The photos of the little buck are beautiful. I, too, can't imagine killing one of these graceful, peaceful creatures.
    Your grandchildren are very creative!

  5. love these shots. The carpet circles are quite curious. The park looks very beautiful this time of year. although I do not hunt, I fully understand the need and desire to do so. If only from a management perspective (we've effectively eliminated most of the top level predators), the number of deer is way over carrying capacity. plus the meat is very good, and more healthy than stuff "grown" on massive feedlots.

  6. I have to laugh at Scott's comment, because I have a grandson that definitely would have used a marker! Love you shots of this beautiful buck!

  7. The "aliens" left a creative imprint. I doubt they would consider markers, just as you would not consider hunting.

  8. Seems like you've had close encounters of all kinds recently. Including with some handsome little zombies.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you'll drop by again.

  9. Thanks to all for your comments. I am surprised that the mysterious carpet circles aroused more response than the handsome antlered buck. Perhaps I should seek out and document more close encounters of the third kind instead of the animal kind.


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