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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hard Times

I avoid large shopping malls. Maybe once or twice a year out of desperation I go to one. Yesterday I went to fulfil my yearly quota, plus I knew a real nice toy store was there. So here we are with just two weekends for shopping available before Christmas. You'd think it would be a bit short of madness. Not so. It was just like any other day throughout the year. Take a look. These were shot at high noon on a Saturday, 14 days before Christmas.

 You have to feel bad for the store owners.
Oh and the toy store...gone. Out of business before Christmas ever got here.


  1. I can't remember the last time I was inside a mall. It's probably been a couple years or so, and even then it was for a specific purpose, not just to "go shopping". It makes you wonder how long they will remain viable.

  2. Wow, that's actually very empty. Ours looks nothing like this!

  3. Thanks for this post.As an Australian,where the economy is going 'gangbusters'I can't imagine the economic pain Americans are going through.All the best.


  4. I think it might be due to online shopping. So many people do that these days. I personally like to see what I am buying, but to each their own. So sorry to hear the toy store went out of business. Those poor stores don't stay very long anywhere, thanks I am sure to the "have everything" type stores.
    I love old fashioned toy stores.
    Glad the mall was not over crowded when you were there though, especially if you don't care for shopping with crowds.

  5. As I read this, this very morning on the news, I see that the high Street over here had one of it's busiest weekends of the year (it's got a lot to do with the snow melting) and there's no drastic reductions in people spending - Certainly wouldn't seem to be the case in your mall.

  6. Scott, I doubt we will ever see their demise in our lifetime yet as Summer said online shopping may be a factor. Good to read that in other countries like Australia, Scotland and Arizona (I love your country T.) Christmas shopping has not been affected by the current state of the economy. It must be a California thing. Merry Christmas!


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