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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More Mushrooms

Another hike in the woods a few days ago in a different area provided different mushrooms than before. I like mushrooms. Unlike the Never-wake-up berries I'll refrain from sampling these. I am much older and wiser these days.
These little guys, the biggest no larger than a dime, didn't come out that well in the pictures. At the time I couldn't see in the captured image that the detail was lost. I guess the camera was struggling in the low light conditions plus dealing with the brilliant snow whiteness of the shrooms. But you can tell that their stems are more slender than a pine needle. Delicate, fragile and possible deadly.

 I never tire of the fascinating array of shapes, sizes and colors that mushrooms display.


  1. Fabulous...and very unusual subject! Really nice!
    (My little Simbad look a like is wanting me to stop typing and to play with him!! Now!!)
    Have a great day!
    PS I'd love for you to visit and please be sure to enter my GIVEAWAY!!

  2. Nice post of mushrooms! I love the small delicate ones too. Where on the trail did you find these?

  3. Great job of photographing this guys. Mushrooms are so interesting, but I'm glad you're not into tasting what you photograph these days!

  4. That is some great looking fungi! We get some of those little miniture ones like in the last photo too. Next time I see some I'll have to get out the macro lens and see what I can do. I like what you did on those larger ones a lot.

  5. What an interesting assortment. With all this rain looks like there's an abundance.

  6. so, a mushroom walks into a bar. the bartender says, "you can't come in here, we don't serve your kind". the mushroom says, "but I'm a FUN-GI".

    get it?

  7. Nice pictures of all these mushrooms:)
    Have a nice day:)

  8. We have a Fungus Faire in January. If ya wanna see some fungi, this is the place to do it...and you could visit us.

  9. I like looking at mushrooms too. They look very fairytalish.

  10. Mushrooms make great pictures when you can find them. Apparently most of the mushrooms you get over here are quite edible but I'm not risking it - I'll just settle for the supermarket ones.

  11. great fungus shots! Makes me miss living on the North Coast where mushrooms abound like crazy. Cool stuff!


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