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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rain and More Rain

...except when I was counting on it. I got all my warm clothes and rain gear on for a hike yesterday. Once I got on the trails the rain fizzled out. But I did get to see a nice rainbow, unfortunately I had my camera on the wrong white balance setting (from the murderer's eggs shot indoors) and the picture is not as nice as it should be. But here it is anyway -
I did see a new mushroom to photo. I remember these from last year and they seem to be the most colorful to be found along my hiking trails. The surface of these always seem to glisten even if it is not under wet conditions.
And these I've presented before but thought this time a bit unusual as I don't recall seeing stem type mushrooms growing out from the side of a tree. They are always coming out of the ground.
Naturally at the end of my hike as I was walking along the pavement back to my car, the rain fell with vengeance. I'll try it again later this week as there seems to be no let up in the rain for several more days or so the forecast shows. Yet as I write this there is a bright light outside my window. If I am not mistaken it could be what I once remember as sunlight. Also, I didn't bother staying up for the lunar eclipse last night as the stars (remember those?) were not visible. At least it isn't freezing cold anymore.


  1. G'day Mr (or should I say Captain?)Sinbad and you on the loose.Thanks for taking the time to 'see' the important things in life and sharing them with us.



  2. All that rain is providing you with some nice material for us to feast our eyes on. Thanx.

  3. The yellow mushroom looks like it's glistening, very nice. Your white balance mishap reminded me of a time when I went shooting (with film), got home and realized I never put the film in my camera! :(

  4. You find all the rainbows! Nice post.

  5. Look fine to me...
    Hope I get a good rainbow this year -- can't say I've ever been able to snag a good one.


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