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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dodge Duo

Last week I went to visit a dear friend of mine. His home is a virtual museum of collectible pre-1950 items. Whereas most "collectors" come across as hoarders with stuff stacked and strewn everywhere, Lynn is the complete opposite. Everything is nicely displayed, clean and would stand side by side with most museums. Although most of the items are car orientated, his interests go a bit beyond including radios, toys, sewing machines just to name a few. My last visit there I was so overwhelmed with the sheer quantity of items my head was spinning when I left.  He is getting up in years and is in the process of thinning out the collection.

The truck on the left is a 1939 and I believe the other is 1938. I could be wrong but I know late 30's. The one on the right the bed of the truck was pretty well rusted out. His wife wanted to make a flower garden in it. A clever idea but I don't think there was a mutual agreement on that. Yet to front the display with a series of old Chevy bell housings looked pretty cool. He's having titles drawn up on each and will sell them both.
More to come.


  1. I LOVE this photo and the old vehicles. There's something about vintage cars or trucks that excites me, thanks for making my heart race today! :-)

  2. These are great. I love all the old trucks around here too.

  3. I wouldn't want one of these in my yard, but they are pretty cool to look at.


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