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Friday, January 28, 2011

Phun Phriday

A few of the blogs I follow do this thing called Phun Phriday with their photos. I've never done one, but today will take my first step into the arena. I was inspired to try the following from another blog. I forget which, but thank you whoever you are.
This is the engine in my friend Lynn's 1948 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery. All the speed equiptment is correct for that time era, meaning the add-ons are what was availible in those years to soup-up an engine.

This is how the engine looked before I got to playing around having phun with photoshop tools.


  1. I'll bet that's a goer with those three carbs. I thought your top photo was lots of Phun! My initial thought was the old saying, "if it don't go, chrome it." But I see that in real life it isn't chromed. I hope you'll share a photo of the rest of the car one day soon.

  2. I'm just learning Photoshop. What treatment is this?

  3. I love what you did in photoshop with your photo and thanks for sharing both the before and after photos... I love seeing both.

  4. Cool shot! The phun works for me!

  5. For some reason I could only see the photo of the acutal engine, not your fun shot :( Scott (your first comment) does a Phun Phriday.

  6. I Googled "1948 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery" and took a look at the images -- very, very cool vehicle... Reminds me of the delivery sedan Dobie Gillis used delivering groceries for his father's store...

    And it hits close to home -- our family had a 1947 Pontiac 4 door sedan up until 1961 when dad bought a new Chevy BellAir...

    Cool image treatment too...
    Hey, have you tried posterizing your photos? I do that occasionally when I have an image that seems to need something...

    Posterization can also be achieved by saving a JPG as a GIF... Usually you can select the number of colors to use.

    And lucky you with a cat that stays indoors and doesn't have problems with fleas... Kitty spends most of her time indoors -- she's getting way up there in years but goes outside dutifully to do her business...

    And hey, only one more bit of unfinished business -- yes, Sonoma County IS really beautiful... Gives Marin a real run for it's money... I lived in Hessel for a year or two in the '80's and loved it...

  7. Thank you all for your comments.

    Scott - I have built up Chevrolet 235 6 cylinders (inliners we call them) like this and they GO. I am not a fan of chrome either.

    ODP - in case you didn't see my reply on your blog, I use Corel Paintshop Pro. Under the effects>artistic effects is a chrome and colored foil option. I don't recall which I used now. Hmm.. maybe I was wrong when I said I wasn't a fan of chrome.

    AphotoAday - I've played with the posterizing option but I liked this liquid look better. I think Adobe Photoshop has a similar option like I used from Corel. I don't have a digital shot of his car. Maybe a print somewhere. We had a '53 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery long ago. That is one car I would like to have back.


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