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Monday, January 31, 2011

Sea Urchin

This is looking down into a crate full of freshly caught sea urchin that had just been unload on the wharf in Santa Cruz. Looks very much like cholla cactus to me (see photo at right). The ovaries or roe of this sea creature is a delicacy where much of it is shipped to Japan and fetches a price of $450 a kilogram. Because of the high demand from the Japanese there is a sincere concern of overfishing of this animal. I think we should leave them alone and let the sea otters enjoy the delights sea urchin. Ever see pictures of sea otters floating in the ocean on their back eating sea urchin? Here...(picture not mine but taken off the internet)
This is who should eat sea urchin.


  1. You're right about them looking like some kind of cactus or seed pod off a weed. If I didn't know what they were I'd certainly never guess that they are an animal. I'd sure hate to step on one in bare feet. I do like your photo of them though.

  2. what a glorious photo! I love that color. they look like they'd be awfully difficult to eat, I'm wondering how sea otters do it. they must peel them first. I love that photo of Sinbad in Slab City btw. I can tell - he's full of character. But does he have a Facebook page? Daiseymae does...but when the Facebook Police get wind of it they disable it. then I just open another. kids. they're simply no match for a Boomer.

  3. Thank you for adding some color into the world, said by a northern Canadian where everything is white or dirty white and has been for months now, even the skies on most days are grey, blah!

    I love your shot and now I know what a sea urchin looks like... well a bunch of sea urchins all together. I'm with you, leave them be and let the seals have their dinner in peace.

  4. Very pretty image. There's something rather cheerful about them, even though their fate is sealed. They remind me of tribbles of Star Trek fame, only pricklier. :)

    I sincerely hope that they won't be fished out of existence.

  5. Those sea urchins make for quite a dramatic photo... Good job... And yes, I used to love watching sea otters at Monterey when I was a kid.
    Of course, these days you can up close and personal with sea otters at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

  6. Your blog contains so much history. Are you a teacher? Enjoy reading, will be back.

  7. Your foot & cactus photo and sea otter photo look strangely similiar! :)

  8. it does look a lot like cholla, you're right. My husband got some cholla stuck in his ankle a few years ago and it was pretty painful to help get it out - yikes!


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