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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Stop and Sit

Today looked to be another dreary overcast day so I got in the car to search for some sunshine. My plan was to head for the upper portion of the San Francisco Bay. There lies some shallow wetlands and perhaps I could get in some more practice with the 400mm lens on some birds or whoever was there that would cooperate. I never made it. I passed by a winery that was full of interesting garden art and it was there I spent several hours. So check back each day to see just some of the interesting art pieces that I discovered.


  1. that chair is tremendous. have fun in your adventures, as always xxom =)))

  2. I love this shot. I can't wait to see the art work.

  3. That must be the world's smallest stop sign.

  4. I miss the CA (and OR) wineries! Fun places to spend time, I remember some that had fun art too. At least the sun looks like it might try coming out there!


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