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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bodega Bay

Sunday was a glorious clear and bright sunny day after all the rains, and I just knew the coast would be too.
This is from the southern end of Bodega Harbor along the tidal flats.

Swing your view to the right and you see the little town of Bodega Bay made famous
by Alfred Hitchcock's film "The Birds".

Looking right a bit further stands this house along the tidal flats.
It looks charming, romantic, or whatever your mind conjures up.
For me I would be shivering me timbers come the cold foggy days and nights.

Moving up to the north end of the bay along the road to Bodega Head, a point of land jutting out from the coastline. The sailboat is within the protected channel into Bodega Harbor itself. The waters and land beyond is below the harbor from where the previous shots were taken. The spit of land with the campground is man made. Not a nice place to camp. A fog horn is located there and bellows every 15 seconds, fog or no fog. It becomes maddening in a short time...at least for me. How those camping stand it is beyond me.

Looking to the right from the above shot you look out upon the Pacific Ocean. Every time I take in this view I try to imagine what it must have looked like back in 1775 when the first Spanish ship, the Sonora, sailed in and anchored here. What did the Miwok Indians think seeing that?

Welcome to California.
I drove a bit further and was greeted with this sign. It was blocking a turn-around spot with a pit toilet less than 100 yards away. That is all. Continuing up the road which led over the head and down the other side to its end at a small beach, every turnout or parking spot for hiking trails along the way was blocked off with similar signs. Only at the rocky point where there is a larger parking area and another pair of pit toilets, you were able to park your car and get out. Naturally this created quite a congestion of parked cars, people milling about, dogs running loose and those sitting in their cars waiting, with the engine running, for a parking spot to appear, I did a U-turn and got out of there.

California is in a bad way these days with many state parks and recreational sites now limited as to their use or even access. This summer season I am afraid there will be many disappointed tourists from out of state and other countries.

I slowly motored on up the coast leaving the mayhem of Bodega Bay State beach behind me.
All along this route are Sonoma County beaches and parks which are much less used and abused.

Finally, just before turning inland for home I saw this. Notice the difference in color of the ocean waters.
That off color to the right is the outflow of the Russian River from all the rain we've recently had.
You can understand how salmon and steelhead returning from the ocean can "smell" the fresh water
and know they are getting close to their home river.
This made me think of the Amazon river where the same thing can be observed
 50 miles out into the Atlantic Ocean.


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  2. top putting pictures of the coast up! Stop it! It makes me miss Humboldt way too much! We lived less than a mile from Humboldt Bay up there and it was so awesome. Okay...fine. Great post :) Those are some great skies. That house is kinda cool but looks like it might sink one day. And the state park closings . Huge bummer. We were pretty worked up about that, since there were about 6 of 'em that we went to on a reglular basis near where we were. Luckily none of those closed. It's still sad though. I hope they get stuff straightened out. There's some things they could do to help the budget, that's for sure.

  3. I enjoyed viewing these photos. Looks like a wonderful place to spend some time and use up some pixels. I spent a few minutes on that house that you referred to as quaint or something like that. It looks like it's very close to falling apart . . . all except the roof, that house has had a brand new shingle job withing the past year or two. Fun post all around.

  4. Very nice! What beautiful scenery.

  5. Such pretty views, love how that ocean color changes.

    By the way my last shot was not a Holga shot - the horse just tried to take my Holga camera!

  6. So this is what it looks like with no snow? I think that I've been surrounded by the white stuff far to long, I don't remember what it looks like without it! What a beautiful place, I especially love your 4th shot.

  7. What a wonderful way to spend the day! I just might have to head that way this summer.

  8. this is the second time in 2 days that The Birds has brushed against me. that's a great movie but some people are freaked out by it I know. not me. that first photo is remarkable. they all are. I love the horizontal lines and the tidal pools. the hills in that 4th photo look like velvet. magnificent! have a beautiful day John Lee.

  9. The colour of these ocean is phantastic! I´m impressed about your trip and will follow. Hugs from Luzia.

  10. Wow! Thank you so much for the tour - I really enjoyed this trip. It made me long for summer days when I can do the same around the lovely Yukon.

    The photos are really great - I really like the bold colours and striking contrasts you've captured here. I find myself entranced which to me, points to successful photography! Great work!


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